We're going to be 
changing things up a bit...

RKH Production is having a bit of an upgrade so to speak. We will be rebranding so we can service bigger and better entertainment ventures.

"RKHProduction.com" will be directing visitors to a new site where the primary focus will be "entertainment production". This site now focusing on beat production will be renamed as "BeatsByRKH.com".

This change helps us organize and grow the company more efficiently. Thanks to all the interest so far in just our music production! Next in line are events produced by our team within the tri-state area!

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What is BeatsByRKH?

BeatsByRKH is the music production subset of RKH Production. Established by Ryan Kenton in August 2013, he wanted to utilize his love for writing music and take it to a new level. BeatsByRKH markets its services via the Internet to pursue an enormous potential cliental.

What Do We Offer?

BeatsByRKH is here to deliver top quality beats & instrumentals to clients. Our team of producers is talented in producing various genres of music to fit your stylistic needs. To view our collection of stock beats & instrumentals, click here.


Custom Beat Production

BeatsByRKH also offers custom beat production services so clients can have total control over the production of their music. To find more information, or to inquire about our custom production services, click here